Fast Adaptation to Survive

It was more than a week ago I left the old company with my ‘ejection seat’. Now I have work at another bigger company with my big ambitions. I know it’s too early to assume that the company has a better management than the old one . I realize that every environment has good and bad sides. But I feel my new company is a better environment for me, for now . Better feel, better job, better salary , and better challenge make me excited to survive here.

In several my starting days, I felt so missed my friends in the old company . Of course it strikes my heart because of our strong bond of brotherhood for a long time couldn’t be forgotten as soon as it . But later it isn’t a problem. Everybody has a right to determine his/her life destination with the way to reach it. But brotherhood and friendship would never die even after ejection seats spread .

We’ll see…what will happened then. Nobody can predict anything in the future even me. I still run and see the environment. I hope it would be my last airport…