When you feel alone

It’s been 9 days since my wife contributed as one case in covid-19. And it became a complete kick on my head when she has to be inpatient. Today new combo-kicks are hitting my head again. My daughter suspected as a new covid-19 case while the PCR test result will released in 2-3 days. Her mother still inpatient, and her brother still not an independent boy. It would be complicated for the next 14 days.

For many years I never felt alone as today. I can talk to nobody about how bad of my feel. It’s like some mountains are playing soccer in my head with himalaya as the referee haha … but the good news is there are no tackling among mountains (damn..what am I talking about haha).
Well, anyway, everything happened and they have to be taken. In fact, everybody is just waiting for their turn to be infected. Until today, nobody able to avoid covid-19. Yes,that’s right,…nobody.

Yaa Allah … if this is a punishment for my sins, I hope You open Your sky doors to accept my apologize. At this point, I got Your message that human is so weak and they only have sujud and begging for Your mercy. There are no god but You.

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