Keep Fighting in Ramadhan

Ramadhan for this year is a heavy-ramadhan for me. I had spent almost my time at my office just for working and working... I do that because of my responsibility other reason. Yeah may be it has a devout value for me.  But now I just feel so weak, no more strength to keep fight in this Ramadhan... Perhaps it was happen since I never have enough time for take a rest.

However I wonder, Rasulullah and the khalifahs had amazing power and strength to go to war in the past, even ini Ramadhan... I belief that their mentally and phisycally condition were more extreme than mine. How can they do that? I’m sure they felt tired, weak and not confident too in Badar war. But, they stil had a spirit to keep fighting. Even they make the dead risk as a motivation. I can’t imagine that…

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